Taxi Cab Insurance

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Taxi Cab Insurance

Finding a good insurance policy for your taxi cab is extremely important. To ensure you get the best policy you should know exactly what type of cover you want and how to get it at the best price possible. When you drive a taxi cab there are risks that come not only from other road users but also from passengers and members of the public. A good insurance policy will cover you for all these risks.

Once you’ve read through the information on this page you’ll be able to make an informed decision when it comes to buying taxi cab insurance.

Types of Cover

  • Third Party – Although providing minimal protection for your vehicle, third party insurance does allow you to drive your taxi legally.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive insurance is always recommended since it will provide full protection if you’re involved in a collision. Whilst you might be a competent driver, there is no accounting for other driver’s decisions so comprehensive insurance should always be a strong consideration.
  • Loss of Licence – If you were to lose your licence for a period of time, you would be compensated until you were able to work again.
  • Legal Fees – If you have to fight a liability claim then the legal fees can soon add up so it’s always wise to have them included in your policy.
  • Public Liability – Having a good amount of public liability insurance is always important for taxi drivers.
  • Breakdown Assistance –¬†Breakdown assistance is a must when driving a taxi for a living. Most insurance providers will be able to offer this as part of your policy.

The Benefits of Getting Taxi Can Insurance Online

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