Black Cab Insurance

Get multiple quotes for your Black Cab Insurance today. Cover available can include:

  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Private & Public Hire
  • Third Party
  • Loss of Licence
  • Personal Injury
  • Legal Expenses


Black Cab Insurance Explained

Driving a black cab comes with a lot of responsibility. You must have a good insurance policy in place to ensure that you can drive your vehicle legally and to protect yourself from risk. There are many insurance providers who offer black cab insurance so finding a policy at a good price should not be a problem. You might already know the type of cover you want in which case you can click the red button to start getting quotes now. If not then you will find the information on this page very useful.

Things to Consider

When getting black cab insurance you shouldn’t only consider the price of the policy but also the level of cover. It’s always better to get the most comprehensive level of cover that you can afford. It’s also important to find out exactly what you are covered for. There are small things such as windscreen repair or courtesy cars that might not be included in the policy unless you request them.

The Benefits of Getting Cover Online

There are many benefits of using an insurance comparison service to get black cab insurance. These include –

  • Save money
  • Get the perfect policy
  • Compare quotes easily
  • No hard sell
  • Instant cover
  • Easy claims process
  • Expert Advice

How To Reduce Costs

  • Voluntary Excess – By opting to increase the amount of excess you would pay in the event of a claim, you can reduce the premium you pay initially. This is a somewhat risky way of saving money since it is dependent on you not having to make any significant claims to really get the benefit.
  • Limit Named Drivers – If possible you should only have yourself as the named driver. Having other drivers on the policy can increase its cost quite considerably
  • Pay Upfront – Not everyone can afford to pay for their policy upfront but when you do you are in a great position to negotiate a lower price with your insurance provider.

Getting Quotes

Getting multiple quotes is one of the best ways to save money and the great news is that it’s incredibly easy to do. Simply click the red button below are you’ll have access to your quotes in no time at all!


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