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A Guide to Taxi Insurance

Whether you’re an owner driver or you a taxi firm, getting a good insurance policy in place is an absolute must. To be able to drive a taxi legally on UK roads you must have a certain level of cover in place. There are many providers of taxi insurance online who can offer you the right policy at a great price. Before seeking out quotes it’s a good idea to read through the rest of this page. Below you will find an explanation of the different types of cover that are available with taxi insurance as well as the factors that determine cost and a few good ways to save money on a policy.

Cover Options

  • Third Party – This is the minimum level of cover you can get and whilst it will allow you to drive your taxi legally, it will only protect your passengers and not your vehicle if it’s involved in a collision, stolen or damaged by fire
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft – Whilst this type of cover will not protect your vehicle if it’s involved in an accident it will cover your for theft of the vehicle as well as fire damage.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy will protect you for fire, theft and all types of collisions, whether you’re liable or not. This is highly recommended for taxi drivers.
  • Fleet Insurance – If you run a taxi firm and want to insure all the vehicles under one policy then fleet insurance is an ideal way to do this. Getting this type of cover is much easier than insuring your vehicles separately and in most cases will save you a good deal of money.
  • Public Liability – This is essential for taxi drivers. When you’re transporting members of the public there’s always a chance that you could have a liability claim made against you. Such claims can be very costly to fight so having public liability insurance in place is extremely important.
  • Breakdown Assistance – If you don’t already have breakdown assistance then it’s a very good idea to have it included in your policy. Most insurance providers will be able to offer this service.

 Types of Taxi Insurance

  • Public Hire – Public hire taxis can be pre-booked or hailed from the street. They generally cost more to insure than private hire taxis since the risks associated are greater.
  • Private Hire – Private hire taxis can only be pre-booked and cannot display a ‘taxi’ sign anywhere on the vehicle
  • Black Cab Insurance – Black cabs are usually the most expensive to insure so it’s essential to shop around to get the best deal possible.

What Factors Determine Cost?

There are several factors that insurance providers will take into account when calculating the cost of your policy. Below are some of the main ones –

  • Age and Value of Vehicle(s) – The age and value of the vehicle you’re using will certainly impact the cost of the policy. For this reason it’s a good idea to drive a taxi that’s modestly priced, not too old and is reliable.
  • Age and Experience of Named Driver(s) – This is another important factor that will affect the cost of a policy. If you’re a taxi firm operator and insure your drivers then it’s highly recommended that you only employ drivers that are over 25 years of age and have a clean licence.
  • Level of Cover – The number of options you have included in the policy will also impact its price.

How to Save Money

  • Pay Upfront – Insurance providers always prefer it when you can pay as much upfront as possible. If you can afford to pay for the policy upfront rather than on a monthly basis then you should be able to make a significant saving on the overall cost.
  • Make Your Vehicle Secure – This is very important. Making your vehicle secure will greatly reduce the chance of theft and therefore the insurance provider can offer you a better price for your policy.
  • Get Multiple Quotes – This is one of the most reliable ways to save money on taxi insurance. Getting multiple quotes enables you to compare them and see which insurance provider offers you the best deal.

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