London Taxi Insurance

Get quotes for London Taxi Insurance quickly & easily. Cover available can include:

  • Cover for Both Public and Private Hire Cabs
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Cover for Taxi Fleets
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Instant documentation Available


London Taxi Insurance

If you’re a London taxi driver then you’ll know the stresses that come with the job. Because there are so many risks associate with driving a taxi in the capital it’s absolutely vital that you get a comprehensive insurance policy that will protect you and allow you to work legally. There are many different types of cover available for taxi insurance so it’s a very good idea to read through the information on this page to familiarize yourself. Once you have done this you can then decide which type of cover is best for you.

Types of Insurance

  • Public Hire – Public hire insurance is suitable for taxis such as black cabs that are able to pick up passengers from the street and display a ‘taxi’ sign.
  • Private Hire – Private hire insurance is suitable for taxis that are only available via pre-booking. Private hire insurance is typically cheaper than public hire since the risks are reduced.
  • Third Party Only – This will allow you to drive your taxi legally as it provides protection for passengers and third party vehicles, however it provides minimal protection for your own vehicle.
  • Loss of Licence – With this type of cover you will be compensated if you’re unable to work for a given period of time.
  • Personal Injury – Driving a taxi for a living can be hazardous so it’s good the know that if you were attacked whilst on the job then you’d be properly compensated.
  • Breakdown Recovery – This is essential for any taxi driver. Any good insurance provider will be able to offer this as part of the policy.

Saving Money

  • Voluntary Excess – You can choose to increase the amount of excess you would pay when making a claim and in turn reduce the premium you pay initially. This can be an excellent way to save money if you’re confident you won’t need to make any major claims.
  • Pay Annually – This is always a good way of saving money. Whilst it’s not affordable for everyone, paying annually means you’ll be able to make a significant saving on the overall cost of your policy.
  • Get Many Quotes – Doing this will enable you to compare the quotes to each other and decide which offers you the best value for money.

Get Quotes Quickly & Easily

Getting multiple quotes is one of the best ways for you to save money on your London taxi insurance. Without getting multiple quotes you have no way of knowing whether you’re getting a good deal or not. If you want to get tailored quotes from a panel of London taxi insurance specialists then simply click the red button below and you can have the quotes within minutes!


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