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 Mini Cab Insurance

Driving a mini cab comes with too many risks to simply leave things to chance. It’s vital that you protect yourself from these risks by getting a good insurance policy in place. Finding mini cab insurance online is now easier than ever but before you start getting quotes it’s always a good idea to refresh yourself on the types of cover that are available so you can make the most informed decision possible when taking out a policy.

Types of Cover

  • Third Party – Third party insurance will allow to drive on the roads legally and provide protection for passengers and third parties. If you want protection for your own cab you should consider a comprehensive policy.
  • Fire & Theft – This will protect your cab from theft and also damage caused by fire
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy will provide cover for all types of collisions which makes it ideal for mini cab drivers.
  • Loss of Licence – If you were to lose your licence for  any reason then you would not be able to work. In such a scenario, loss of licence would compensate you until you’re able to work again.
  • Breakdown Assistance – If you don’t already have breakdown assistance then it’s a very good idea to have it included in your policy.

Ways to Save

  • Secure Your Cab – This is always important to reduce the chance of theft and also save money on your insurance. If you don’t already have your cab fitted with an alarm and immobilizer then you should make this a priority.
  • Pay Upfront – When you pay for your policy upfront rather than on a monthly basis you’re in a great position to negotiate a cheaper rate.
  • Get Multiple Quotes – Getting multiple quotes means that you get a true feel for what you should be paying for a policy.

Get Quotes Now

Getting multiple quotes is an excellent way to save money and it’s very quick and easy to do. Simply click the red button below and once you’ve provided the required information you’ll then have access to quotes from a panel of mini cab insurance specialists.


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